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At ABEC, we firmly believe that our commitment to the "process" does not end with delivery and acceptance of equipment at your facility. In addition to the primary equipment support that we offer through our BioPharm Services Group, we also draw upon the talents and experience of individuals at ABEC to support engineering and process issues beyond the design and manufacture of equipment.

Some of the activities we have completed on behalf of our customers include:

  • Agitator optimization, VW >10,000L bioreactor - full-scale testing to examine impact of impeller type, baffles and impeller mounting
  • Bioreactor blending and mass transfer characterization (VW >1,000L) with sparge optimization to increase KLa 10-15%.
  • Laboratory testing to optimize blending and mass transfer in a hemispherical-bottom bioreactor.
  • Experimental testing to optimize sparge geometry for 5,000L bioreactors
  • Lab experiments followed by Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling to establish impeller and heat transfer surface geometry for 10,000L fermenters, including full-scale studies to confirm heat transfer performance.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling to insure mechanical integrity for large, high P/V fermenter vessel and heat transfer surface.