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Scalable Single Use Solutions

3500L CSR-Bioreactor Train

ABEC's CSRTM product line addresses the limitations of existing standard products to provide scalable, flexible, and productive Single Use manufacturing solutions.

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integrated systems

A New Single Use Paradigm

  • Performance Comparable to Stainless Steel Systems
  • Fully Customizable Solutions
  • Largest Available Batch Sizes
  • Supply Chain Redundancy and Transparency
  • Equipment Designed for Manufacturing Productivity

CSR Products and Applications

  • CSR-Bioreactors
    • Cell Culture
    • Custom Volumes from 50L to 4,000L Vw
  • CSR-General Mixing
    • Harvest, Purification Pooling, Media Prep, Viral Inactivation
    • Custom Volumes up to 5,000L Vw
  • CSR-Large Volume Buffer Hold
    • Multiple Buffers >3500L
    • Stable Buffer Delivery at High Flow Rates

CSR Benefits vs. Standard Systems

  • Multi-Product Flexibility
    • Wider Process Windows & Seamless Process Transfer/Scaling
    • Larger Volume Capability
    • Custom Design Flexibility
  • Supply Chain Risk Reduction
    • Open Architecture Approach, Commercially available, non-proprietary materials, instruments, components, and control systems
    • In-House, Multi-Site Disposable Container (DC) Manufacturing
  • Productivity
    • Innovative Packaging, Handling, and Deployment Solutions
    • Faster System Turnaround
    • Lower Risk of Container Failure